Camp Ginger Cascades Summer Resident Camp

Girl Outdoor Leadership Development is the heart of Ginger Cascades Adventure Base Camp. Guided by the Girl Scout Mission of building girls of COURAGE, CONFIDENCE and CHARACTER, Camp Ginger Cascades premier experience offers ALL girls, ages 5-17, the ultimate opportunity for thrill-seeking excitement!

This camp offers an unique life experience designed to help girls discover and develop themselves. What makes Ginger Cascades so special is the connection experienced with new friends, the support of well-trained staff and outdoor experiences that provide progression, challenge, and above all, FUN!

Summer Resident Camp Session Descriptions

Please check the tab “Does My Camper Need a Physical?” to determine which camp sessions require campers to receive a physical prior to coming to camp.

Entering Grades 1-3 

Just the Two of Us
June 18-21; July 12-15
Fee: $185 per person

Get away from it all and spend some time together out at camp making memories that will last a lifetime. Go boating, swimming, make some great crafts and explore camp together. There will even be time for s’mores and singing around the campfire before your time together at camp is done. This camp session is designed as a “mom” and girl program. Girls may bring along any female adult (age 18 or older) who is special to them. The Early Bird discount does not apply to this program. f3c18f9b81d8146e39f64d01409aa835

Amiguitas (Friends)
June 21-24; July 9-12
Fee: $185

Are you ready for an adventure? Ready to stay overnight at camp and meet new friends? Come try out this fun half-week program and have a good time swimming, boating, playing group games, making crafts and even singing around the campfire at night. Come join us as you and your new Amiguitas explore camp together! The Early Bird discount does not apply to this program. 

Entering Grades 2-3

Once Upon a Masterpiece – NEW!CGC cascading
June 25-July 1; July 2-8
Fee: $425

Girls will make more than wishes this week! You will spend a good part of the day in arts and crafts creating your own story through art. When you are not making magic, you will enjoy all the fun that traditional camp has to offer. Take part in a fairytale ball, and listen to stories each night as you drift off to sleep. 

Campfires and Cascades
June 25-July 1; July 2-8
Fee: $395

For adventurous girls, you will canoe, swim and scale the climbing wall! You will also traverse the Cascades and explore little known camp trails. Enjoy evening campfires with stories and songs, and before your week is over, you will even cook a meal over the campfire. 

June 18-24; July 9-15
Fee: $395

For girls who love the water! You will have extra free swim time at the pool each day and have a swim lesson to hone your skills as a water bug. Enjoy the fun of our Cascades and learn how to canoe on our lake before your weeks end. 


Entering Grades 4-5

Artfully Yours – NEW!archery
June 18-24; July 2-8
Fee: $425

Let camp become your studio. Girls will learn paining and drawing techniques, tie-dye and enjoy camp crafts in our arts center. head home with a self-portarit and plenty of Pinterest-worthy creations. You’ll even get to try out non-traditional art techniques at our archery range! Still enjoy all the fun that camp has to offer with games, swimming, boating and more!

Can-Do Camp! 
June 18-24; July 2-8
Fee: $395

This session is a must-do for can-do, first time campers, as well as those that just love spending time at camp! You will learn outdoor, camping and water skills, as well as spend a night camping under the stars and enjoy extra pool time. 

Daughters of Legend – NEW!
June 25-July 1
Fee: $395

Uncover ancient secrets, learn myths and legends from around the world and be the heroine of your own epic quest! Study the ways of the heroine (courage, confidence and character) and build your skills with swords, arrows, climbing and more. Create your own heroine’s medallion and test your mettle against the monsters of myth. 

Jill of All Trades  – NEW!CGC campfire
June 25-July 1
Fee: $415

Can;t decide on just one program? This week is for you! You’ll enjoy all the fun that camp has to offer with swimming, boating, a campfire cookout and songs, along with some extra fun. Bake cupcakes, play improv acting games, take an extra trip to the craft center and try your hand at archery. Each day you’ll be a Jill of All Trades at Ginger Cascades. 

Cirque du Cascades – NEW!
July 9-15
Fee: $425

For girls with unlimited imagination! Cast a spell on the rest of the camp as your dazzle with newfound juggling, hooping and balancing skills. Design cirque masks, practice makeup techniques and even construct your own hula hoop! Spend the rest of your time boating, swimming and cooking out over the campfire. 

Outdoor Club – NEW!CGC campfire cooking
July 9-15
Fee: $395

Explore your love for the great outdoors by traveling with your group to Ginger Cascades’ own Owl Hollow campsite for a night out under the stars. Pitch a tent or sleep in your cozy hammock. You’ll go backpacking, cook over a fire, learn knot tying, blaze new trails and explore undiscovered property all with out ever leaving the comfort of camp. 


Entering Grades 5-7

CGC team building

Drama Driven
June 18-24
Fee: $395

Do you love the spotlight? This week you will immerse yourself in acting games, stage combat and improv techniques. Get a chance to experiment with stage makeup and work with fellow actresses to  craft your own performance to put on for the entire camp! the final performance will be filmed and girls will take home a DVD to share with friends and family. 

Warrior Women – NEW!
June 18-24
Fee: $450

Wonder Woman had her lasso, but you will have your swords, arrows and each other you train to be warrior women of tomorrow! Cardio kickboxing, climbing, archery, sword fighting and more are in store for you fearless females!

Beach Party – NEW!  
June 25-July 1; July 9-15
Fee: $415

If you love the water, you’ll love this week. Enjoy beach volleyball, paddleboard lessons, extra pool time, a cookout over a bonfire on the beach, beach games and more! In your down time, you’ll relax in the summer sun with a fruit smoothie or listen to music while swinging in a hammock next to your beach bum buddies. 

Arrows Away – NEW!Archery CGC
July 2-8
Fee: $425

These girls know that true archers like Artemis, Katniss and Merida honed their skills through practice and training. When you aren’t keeping your eyes on the target at our archery range or practicing for the dynamic archery challenge, you will be enjoying all the campfires, crafts and adventures that camp has to offer. You will even spend a night under the stars using your keen eyes to spot legendary archers in the constellations. Some archery experience required. 

Treasure Hunters – NEW!
July 9-15
Fee: $415

Let the adventures begin! With compass and map in hand, you and your group will practice team work through orienteering, geocaching, codebreaking, epic scavenger hunts and more. There is more to Ginger Cascades than meeting the eye, and we hear these is even buried treasure in the mountains if you know here to look. You’ll need to watch your back if you’re seeking where C marks the spot! There be pirates in these woods!

Entering Grades 6-8

Get Lost  
June 18-24; July 2-8
Fee: $500CGC campfire cooking2

Time to head underground to explore the hidden world beneath our feet. You’ll go spelunking in the Lost Sea Caves and then even camp inside them! You and your group will take a ride in a glass bottomed boat across the nation’s largest underground lake! All this and the fun of camp, too!

Heroines in ACTION! – NEW!
June 18-July 1
Fee: $825

Girls work together to create their own superhero(ine) personas and costumes while writing their own movie script. In your second week, learn stage combat techniques and video editing as you film a movie when it’s finished, and you will take home your very own DVD of your masterpiece!

Glamping Girls
June 25-July 1; July 9-15
Fee: $395JTTOU CGC 2

Camp in style and comfort. Hang out in hammocks, cook a gourmet campfire meals and come up with your own sweet s’mores recipe. You will make all-natural spa treatments like sugar scrubs, body butters and hot oil conditioners. Dip your own candles and many more glamping activities! Now, THIS is camping!

Welcome to the Dungeon – NEW!
June 25-July 1
Fee: $425

Go on epic adventures, solve mysteries, practice your team work and become the heroine of your own story all without ever leaving the campfire. Take part in a legendary fantasy role-playing game each evening; during the day see if you can thwart whatever real world challenges your Dungeon Master can throw at you! 

July 2-8
Fee: $395CGC pool

Calling all traditional camp girls! Learn and practice outdoor skills such as boating, hiking, campfire cooking, swimming and archery. Spend a night camping out in tents or under the stars in our comfy hammocks. There will be plenty of time for creative crafts and the climbing wall as well!

Entering Grades 8-10

Amazing Amazons – NEW!
June 18-24
Fee: $41520160712_192535

For teen girls who aren’t afraid of a challenge, this program will rock your world! Rock climbing, cardio kickboxing and a mountain side obstacle course are in store in this high intensity week. Re-fuel with a nutritious meal you cook yourself over a campfire and reward yourself with a refreshing slide down the Cascades after a day of hiking camp’s many trails. 

G.A.L.S. (Ginger Adventure, Leadership and Service)  – PROGRAM CANCELLED


Extreme Escapes  – PROGRAM CANCELLED


Picture This! – NEW!Climbing Wall CGC
July 2-8
Fee: $425

Picture yourself practicing yoga by a calm lake with the sun rising behind you, paddleboarding with your friends and showing off your dance moves in a Zumba class. Hike to hidden streams and take selfies around the campfire (firelight is extremely flattering!). During your downtime, relax around camp, lounge in a hammock and make scented candles. Capture everything on your group’s digital camera and take home a CD of Instagram-worthy photos! 

Entering Grades 9-11 

Troupe Performer – NEW!
July 2-15
Fee: $795

Girls will immerse themselves in rehearsing, performing and directing their own show while practicing their stagecraft through improv games, acting exercises, stage combat and more. Actors, writers, artist and more will be needed for the production to be a success, so whether you love making props, painting backdrops, writing your own stories or bowing to applause, this program is for you! Perform your final show for the entire camp!

Leadership & Legacy – NEW!Final Campfire
June 25-July 1
Fee: $395

Make your mark on camp this summer! Choose a service project to complete on property and become a part of Camp Ginger Cascades’ legacy. Girls in this program will work on leadership, team building, project management, communication skills and more as they complete their project and plan an all-camp event!

Locavore – NEW! 
July 9-15
Fee: $450

Ever enjoyed biting into a crisp apple right off the tree? How about a ripe tomato? If you have, then you might be a locavore! Join us this week and put on your chef hat to come up with creations based on seasonal food offerings. Visit a local farmer’s market to pick up your ingredients! You’ll even get a chance to cultivate your own edible plants. Camp never tasted so good!


Leadership Programs 

CIT I (Counselor-in-Training) – Grades 10-11
July 2-15
Fee: $525

Thinking about working at camp someday? CIT I’s learn leadership, teamwork, group dynamics and more as they develop new skills and practice them in groups under the supervision of our trained staff. You will work with younger girls leading games, teaching new songs and sharing your love of camp. CIT I’s certify in Red Cross First Aid/CPR and with successful completion of this program, CIT’s earn the CIT I pin and an opportunity to apply as a Counselor-in-Training II. Campers in this program will stay over the weekend at camp. The Early Bird pricing does not apply to this program. 

CIT II (Counselor-in-Training) – Grades 11-12
June 18-July 15
Fee: $600

If you have successfully completed the CIT I program, you may apply for CIT II. If accepted, you will learn how to design and deliver programs, facilitate specialized camp activities and further develop your leadership and teamwork skills. CIT II’s nationally certify in First Aid/CPR and receive their CIT II pin. Campers in this program will stay over the weekend at camp. The Early Bird pricing does not apply to this program. 

Does My Camper Need A Physical? 

If your camper’s program is listed below, a physical, signed by a medical professional, is required to participate in the camp session.

Get Lost

Extreme Escapes

ECamps – $10 per camper

While your camper is at camp, you will have the opportunity to view photos of them in action, as well as send one way emails. (Please note, all emails will be printed in black and white, and will be printed by camp at 11:00am to ensure a timely delivery).

If you already have an ecamps account, please click the icon to the left to gain access to your password protected account.

You can sign up for ecamps  by contacting our Camping Services Manager!

*All three GSCP2P camps have units (campsites) unique to their property. Most of them are cabins, while some may include platform tents, tree houses or bunkhouses. Each camp has trained counselors housed in separate quarters within the unit, close enough to supervise campers and their interactions, but sleeping in their own cabin. For some of the younger girl programs, staff actually stay in the larger cabins with their groups. Please be sure to read the camp descriptions, and remember you are welcome to attend an open house at any or all of our camps to see the housing each camp has to offer. 

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