Camporees and Service Unit Reservations


1. Reservations can be made 6-13 months in advance. It is important to make second choices on the Service Unit Camporee Request Form.
2. Submit the Service Unit Camporee Reservation Request Form to our Outdoor Experience Coordinator no more than 13 months before the month of the Camporee request. Camporee requests must be made using this form and will not be accepted over the telephone.
3. A confirmation will be sent through both e-mail and regular mail when your reservation is processed. This confirmation will include specifics about the host camp for the Camporee, final campsite payment deadline, a Camporee Summary Form and copies of the Individual Camporee Troop Form. If you do not receive a confirmation within a few weeks of submitting your reservation request, please e-mail our Outdoor Experience Coordinator or call 800-672-2148.
4. Four months before the Camporee date, the following is due:

  • Full payment* for all campsites being reserved by the Camporee

5. One month prior to the Camporee date, the following is due:

  • Activity Request Form with numbers, session schedule and full payment

  • Food Service Request Form with numbers and full payment

*Any campsites not paid for in full by this deadline will be released from the Camporee and opened up for individual (non-Camporee) troops to reserve.


Please understand that if this reservation needs to be cancelled, a camping credit will be issued. If the request to cancel is received within eight weeks of the arrival date, no credit, refund or transfer will be given.