Meet Our Year-Round Staff

Hannah "Fawna" DeWalt

Outdoor Experience Specialist

Keyauwee Program Center

I have been dreaming of working in year-round camping since I was just a little camper myself. I am so excited that I get to realize this dream with the Girl Scouts at Keyauwee Program Center! From teaching outdoor living and paddling skills with L.L. Bean and backpacking on the Appalachian Trail to zip-lining through Costa Rica and rock climbing all over my native state of Ohio, I have experience in just about every kind of outdoor pursuit you can think of. I have a degree in Spanish and can’t wait to share my passion for and knowledge of all things wild with the next generation of girl adventurers in both English and Español! 

When I'm not outside, I love to make music and act. I've been doing theater for 10 years and have been in more than 20 productions! I also love painting, sewing and spending time with my family, which includes my husband Nick, baby daughter, Rowen, Ruby the Dog and Frodo the Cat. 

Kaydee "Sigma" Tiemann

Outdoor Experience Manager

Keyauwee Program Center

My name is Kaydee “Sigma” Tiemann, and I am the director at Keyauwee. I have spent the last 19 summers working at camps across the country. I am originally from Dallas, Texas. I’ve directed camps in California, Minnesota and Texas. Some of my favorite things to do are: painting, watching cooking shows, reading books and trying new restaurants. My spirit animal is the otter, and I am secretly amazing at limbo. I love Diet Dr. Pepper, Reese’s Pieces and Britney Spears. My favorite activity at camp is tie-dye.


I believe that camp can change a girl's life. It allows girls to become self-confident and independent while making new friends, socializing and learning new skills. I know the Keyauwee staff team will make that possible for every girl that comes to camp. I cannot wait to meet you!

Mike Lewis


Keyauwee Program Center

Ranger Mike is delighted to work at Keyauwee Program Center. He serves as camp ranger using his unique talents to make sure everyone is having a great time at camp. He usually can be found working on a project in the camp. He enjoys woodworking, plumbing and general maintenance. He also enjoys keeping the camp landscaped and looking nice. He works hard to keep the camp safe for campers and staff. When he is not working on maintenance, he enjoys hiking and fishing. 

Cathy "Barrow" Thacker

Outdoor Experience Specialist

Keyauwee Program Center

Cathy Thacker has been teaching riders of all ages, abilities and ambitions horse riding for over 20 years and enjoys helping riders learn and appreciate the many things horses have to offer. She is a graduate of Averett University with a BS in Equine Science and Business and a BA in History from UNC-Greensboro. Her favorite programs are the ones that combine horses with history!

Destiny "Phoenix" Warne

Outdoor Experience Coordinator

Gastonia Service Center

Hi Everyone! My name is Destiny, but at camp you can call me Phoenix! I've been going to and working at Camp Pisgah since I was eight years old and now work as the Outdoor Experience Coordinator for Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont. With this job, I get to marry my love of camp with my experience and knowledge of registration systems and customer service. I love everything about all three of our resident camps, and I believe that it is so important to get girls out to camp where they can learn about themselves and grow in a safe and welcoming environment.


I graduated from Appalachian State University in 2017, and now currently live in Charlotte, NC. Some of my absolute favorite things in the world include seeing Broadway musicals, swing dancing, my dog, Finn and my cat, Chance, anything sloth related, the color orange and receiving letters in the mail! I hope to get to meet you out at camp one day!

Emily "Broadway" Diehl

Outdoor Experience Manager

Camp Ginger Cascades

My name is Emily Diehl, and during summer camp, I am known as Broadway. I am so excited to be the Outdoor Experience Manager at Camp Ginger Cascades. I attended Camp Ginger Cascades as a camper, then worked as a staff member during college as a Unit Counselor, Waterfront Director and Unit/Program Director. After graduating with a BA in Theatre, I worked at Lexington Children’s Theatre before starting fulltime as a Girl Scout camp professional in 2014. I have previously worked at Kentucky’s Wilderness Road council, Hornet’s Nest council and now with Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont. I am a level 2 archery instructor, lifeguard instructor, First Aid instructor and wilderness First Aid instructor. I have two cats, love to travel and will never turn down campfire food.

Rod White


Camp Ginger Cascades

Rod White came to work at Camp Ginger Cascades in 2009 after working 37 years as a master stone mason. Rod grew up just down the road and his family has always lived in the area. He began hiking in this area as a boy and even occasionally helped out the camp rangers as a teenager and young man. Rod has a wealth of knowledge about the history of the area. Rod, his wife Tammy and their son, Caleb, live right by camp. Rod loves working and walking outside! He wants everyone who comes to enjoy the beauty of Camp Ginger Cascades, and he especially loves when campers hike on some of his favorite trails and play in the cascades!

Alicia "Denali" Nelson

Outdoor Experience Manager

Camp Pisgah

My name is Alicia Nelson (Denali) and I am the Camp Director at Camp Pisgah! A little about me—I have two rescue dogs- Koda and Kenai- that I love dearly and we love to hike and explore the area. I am also a huge reader and tend to read at least two books a week so I am always looking for new book recommendations! I have been working in summer camps for over 10 years and can honestly say that there is nothing else like it! I chose to work at camp because I believe there is nothing like the power and freedom camp can offer to a person. Camp Pisgah is a place where those of all ages can come to make new friends, explore the outdoors, learn new skills and uninhibitedly be themselves. Every person should experience camp because it can change their lives in so many ways. I cannot wait to see you all here! 

Nate Chestnut


Camp  Pisgah

My name is Nate Chestnut and I'm the ranger at Camp Pisgah. I have a degree from Appalachian State University in Recreation Management, with a concentration in Parks and Recreation and a minor in Appalachian Studies. I'm a veteran of the 82nd Airborne, a former professional firefighter, and a professional craftsman.

I spend my time hiking with my dog, Daisy, and visiting national parks.

I'm proud to be a Girl Scout, and I love being able to work in an environment that helps young women grow and create bonds with one another.

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