Summer Learning Loss and Camp STEAM Weeks

This year we are doing something brand new at our summer camps, and we’re very excited! Some of you may already be aware that there is a growing concern among educators regarding summer learning loss. This is where good students forget what they’ve learned, or in some cases even HOW to learn over the summer months when school is not actively in session. Well, Peaks to Piedmont Camps are here to help!

Last year you probably noticed a number of programs appeared in our campbook with a “STEM” icon. This means that these programs were specifically designed to keep girls curious and learning about topics in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, this summer we are going a step further and each of our three camps will be hosting STEAM (the “A” is recognizing the importance the Arts play along with the sciences) weeks at camp!

Programs taking place at camp during our STEAM weeks will consist of at least one STEAM themed activity each day. However, a lot of what we do at camp already helps our girls learn about how fun and engaging the sciences can be. What better way to learn about biology and animal habitats than to live alongside them for a week? And what could be more fun than learning about simple machines as a pulley system helps you reach your rock climbing goals?

Along with providing some STEAM themed programs this summer, Camp Ginger Cascades is also continuing it’s summer literacy program. This program will encourage girls to take part in reading and writing activities in order to earn prizes and keep their minds engaged and learning over the summer months.

These programs are in place on top of the great benefits that summer camps already provide to active and growing minds. Staying active, social, and learning new things over the summer months vastly improve students’ abilities to retain information that they learn during the school year. So whether it is the parts of a canoe, the best way to hold a bow, names of visible constellations, or how to tie knots, your girls will be keeping those neurons firing while camping with us this summer. And if you are looking for an even greater boost, check out our STEAM week programs! They are sure to have girls smiling while engaging in educational curriculum at camp this summer.

About the Author

Elise’s summer camp journey began as a camper at Girl Scout camps in New York. As she got older, she worked her way from Junior Counselor to Waterfront Director with a Girl Scout residential summer camp in Vermont. Elise attended the University of Maine at Farmington, where she dual-majored in English and Psychology. Elise has worn many work hats, having been a Youth Advocate, Behavioral Health Professional, Education Technician, a Volunteer Coordinator and most recently the Executive Camp Director for non-traditional co-ed day and resident camps in Massachusetts. A former women’s rugby player and Zumba instructor, Elise currently spends what little free time she has playing with her husband, new baby boy, and animals (three dogs, four cats and a bird!). She can also be found painting, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and watching reruns of Star Trek. Her favorite foods are campfire s’mores and mac and cheese.