Troop Rentals

Troops are welcome to submit a request for a campsite up to three months in advance of the date. If the unit requested is not available someone will contact you as soon as possible. You will receive a confirmation packet via e-mail to confirm your reservation, within two weeks. If you do not receive a response, please contact our Outdoor Experience Coordinator.

Troops should submit the Troop Camp Reservation Request Form with their top three dates and units. We will do our best to place the troop in their first choice.

Before a troop can stay overnight on camp property in a self-contained facility (lodge style, everyone in the same building), someone in the troop must complete the Be Safe, Be Ready online courses. There are two parts to this online training – Outings and Overnights and Girl Planning. After completion, the leader will receive an Overnight License.

Before a troop can stay overnight at our resident camps, an adult with the troop must have an Overnight License. The Overnight License is earned by completing the two online Be Safe, Be Ready courses (Outings and Overnights and Girl Planning).

  • In order to build a fire and cook marshmallows or a meal, a Cook Out License is required. Earn it by first holding an Overnight License and then attending the Fire Building and Outdoor Cooking courses.

  • Troops planning to pitch and sleep in tents OR to camp at a non-council facility will need a Camp License. Requirements are that you hold Overnight and Cook Out Licenses and complete the Tenting skills course.

  • For more information on these courses, as well as when they’re scheduled, please visit the online calendar.

I understand if this reservation needs to be cancelled, a camping credit will be issued. If the request to cancel is received within eight weeks of the arrival date, no credit, refund or transfer will be given.